Easter Candy

Solid half-profile whimsical and traditional bunnies in milk, dark, and white.

Solid Easter pops in milk, dark, and white.

Fruit Pectin Jelly Beans, Licorice Beans, or Spiced Beans.

Foil Eggs in Milk , Dark, or White.

Crowd Favorite!-Giant Dipped Eggs filled with Chocolate Fudge, Peanut Butter, Rasberry, or Coconut.

Quail Eggs: Candy Shell with Caramel Center. We also have Robin’s Eggs, very similar but with a bright blue speckled shell.

Half-Pound bag foil wrapped Peanut Butter-filled Milk Chocolate Bunnies.

Old Fashioned Marshmallow Eggs with Hard Candied Shell

Molds, Dipped Crisped Rice Dipped Grahams, Potato Chip & Chocolate Bird Nests.

Bunny Bark: Milk chocolate with bunny corn. Jelly Bean Bark: Milk chocolate with fruit jelly beans

Sour Bunnies and Sour Chicks

Bunny Corn – Sorry, due to disruptions the manufacturers did not produce any bunny corn this year. Let’s hope it’s back for 2022!