Easter Candy

Solid half-profile whimsical and traditional bunnies in milk, dark, and white. $2.75-$13.95

Solid Easter pops in milk, dark, and white. $2.25-$4.95

Fruit Pectin Jelly Beans, Licorice Beans, or Spiced Beans. $4.50/lb.

Foil Eggs in Milk (sold out), Dark, or White. $7.50.

Sold out – Crowd Favorite!-Giant Dipped Eggs filled with Chocolate Fudge, Chocolate Fudge Fruit & Nut, Peanut Butter, Rasberry, or Coconut. $12

Quail Eggs: Candy Shell with Caramel Center (sold out – A lovely replacement are the pastel chocolate almond eggs)

Half-Pound bag foil wrapped Peanut Butter-filled Milk Chocolate Bunnies. $7.50 –sold out

Old Fashioned Marshmallow Eggs with Hard Candied Shell $4.25

Molds, Dipped Crisped Rice Dipped Grahams, Potato Chip & Chocolate Bird Nests.

Bunny Bark: Milk chocolate with bunny corn. Jelly Bean Bark: Milk chocolate with fruit jelly beans

Sour Bunnies – sold out

Bunny Corn